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Congratulations to Guangxi Wuzhou Zhong Guan Inspection Technology Services Company, Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited’s subsidiary, for being accredited as independent third-party food inspection institution

Shenguan Holdings Group’s subsidiary Guangxi Wuzhou Zhong Guan Inspection Technology Services Company (“Company”) has recently been accredited as an independent third party food inspection institution.

Shenguan has always placed great emphasis on food security, and has invested a vast amount of capital and leveraged its technological strengths to become the first company in the industry to have established an inspection center with advanced inspection capabilities. The move has enabled Shenguan to provide safe food ingredients to its downstream customers. With its food safety inspection technology accumulated over the years, Shenguan established a professional food inspection agency - Guangxi Wuzhou Zhong Guan Inspection Technology Services Company in 2014. The Company has been certified by China Metrology Accreditation for Food, and is thus capable to inspect food, food additives and food-related products for physical and chemical content or hazards such as heavy metals, trace elements, pesticide residues, microorganisms and protein and in terms of over 200 other physicochemical indicators.

Being accredited as an independent third-party inspection agency, Shenguan is able to independently and directly undertake impartial third-party inspection of food and food related products for society and publish inspection reports recognized by the authorities.  

In addition, the accreditation also means that Shenguan has been recognized by the authorities for its food safety inspection technology, which lays the solid foundations for the development of Shenguan’s core collagen technology and the establishment of a production base of collagen material. This will promote the development of the health industry which comprises those of premium food, health supplements and pharmaceuticals.